Improving people's lives through yoga

Yoga Day Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to teachingyogapeople of all ages in San Antonio. We believe that yoga empowers people to live healthier and fuller lives.

Yoga Day Foundation works with professional yoga teachers to provideyoga classes and workshops to the people we serve.


Carlos Gomez, founder of Yoga Day, grew up in Acapulco, Mexico. After pursuing a career in Marine Science, Carlos discovered yoga in 2008 when Bikram Yoga College of India (BYCI) hosted it's teacher training in Acapulco. Carlos quickly recognized Yoga as way to a fuller and healthier life. BYCI sponsored Carlos with a full scholarship to become a teacher. Without this aid, Carlos would not have had access to Yoga. His goal now is to share Yoga with those who may otherwise never have had access. 

The idea for Yoga Day Foundation began in 2011 when Carlos Gomez (Yoga Day’s founder) was approached by Univision to teach weekly, free, public yoga classes at Woodlawn Lake Park.

This experience opened Carlos’ eyes to the reality of many San Antonians: poor diet and high stress, combined with little to no exercise that results in declining health. This awareness led him to strive to bring the benefits of yoga to underserved people of all ages in San Antonio. 

Carlos believes that yoga is truly a universal and safe path towards regaining health. Yoga is accessible to anyone and can be practiced almost anywhere. Yoga can also be very effective in reducing and sometimes eliminating chronic pain as well as the most common health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, asthma, migraines, and arthritis.  It is a proven stress reducer, requires mental discipline, and can be a useful tool for children and adults alike that deal with stress-related problems or, inability to focus or manage emotions.  

After a few weeks of yoga I no longer required shots for my shoulder pain. Now, a year later off of painkillers, I have recovered about 80% range of mobility. I continue to practice yoga regularly.
— Cathy Bustos , Age 65, Good Samaritan Senior Services
Luis, a 10 year old has a history of mental problems that often result in outbursts of anger. Luis has enjoyed the yoga class offered, and through yoga, has become more equipped in handling his anger and controlling his outbursts. Using many of the tools they learned in yoga, his teachers now help guide him through his negative emotions.
— Kipp Aspire Academy,

What We've Achieved

  • 5,045 participants in Yoga Day classes for 2016
  • International Day of Yoga San Antonio www.idoyogasa.com (formerly Yoga Day in the Park) is the biggest free yoga event in San Antonio, bringing upwards of 500 people together to enjoy all expressions of yoga
  • Yoga Day currently teaches yoga at schools in JISD, FSISD, KIPP and SAISD
  • Yoga Day is one of the very few organizations in the US cleared to teach yoga inside VA facilities.