After a few weeks of yoga I no longer required shots for my shoulder pain. Now, a year later off of painkillers, I have recovered about 80% range of mobility. I continue to practice yoga regularly.
— Cathy Bustos , Age 65, Good Samaritan Senior Services
Luis, a 10 year old has a history of mental problems that often result in outbursts of anger. Luis has enjoyed the yoga class offered, and through yoga, has become more equipped in handling his anger and controlling his outbursts. Using many of the tools they learned in yoga, his teachers now help guide him through his negative emotions.
— Kipp Aspire Academy
YogaDay has been critical to my programming at Girls Inc. It’s our mission to inspire girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold....YogaDay fits the Strong component perfectly! Kristen and her team of dedicated yoga pros have challenged my girls and inspired them to not only try yoga, but to fall in love with it! I look forward to a long partnership between Girls Inc of San Antonio and Yoga Day!
— Heather Aguillon, STEM Program Manager, Girls, Inc.
Our students are affected by mobility, transition, family separation and deployments. The mindfulness they practice each week with Yoga Day is a great support for their social and emotional needs.

The staff yoga sessions are a great way to end the work day! Stress and tension from working in a high-energy environment just melts away.
— Rebecca Schiek, Administrative Assistant, Ft. Sam Houston Elementary
I am so thankful to Yoga Day and those who support this awesome organization. Their yoga instructors provide seated yoga and meditation instruction to the cancer patients and their families in our program. Our patients report feeling more at ease and grateful for an excuse to get out of their hospital rooms to nourish their bodies and souls. Thank you Yoga Day!
— Constanza Roeder, Founder and President, Hearts Need Art: Creative Support for Adults with Cancer
As a war veteran with PTSD and chronic pain, I am grateful to Yoga Day for helping the VA bring the practice of yoga to the veterans of San Antonio as a mental and physical tool for improving health. The skills that I have learned with Yoga Day have been instrumental in my journey towards rehabilitation and peace of mind.
— April Gray, US Military Veteran